JobiJobi Entertainments

A Full-Service Management, Music Publishing & Entertainment Company

About Us

We are creatives, but we are also interested in creatives. We spot and discover artistic talents in music, poetry, dance, etc., and we develop and promote them.

We Develop and Promote Talents

JobiJobi Entertainment is a private limited liability Scottish company located in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded and incorporated in 2019 as an entertainment company which provides services such as music production, talent development, performance, publishing, and a host of others.

Within a very short span, JobiJobi Entertainment has been able to create a niche for itself across very industries wherein its services are most needed, and has been able to partner and collaborate with different brands and artistes.

At JobiJobi Entertainment, our vision is infectious. We literally exist to put smiles on your faces. We scout for talents, we develop raw talents, we promote and partner with existing brands, to serve our clients better.

Our Services

Whilst we provide quite a number of varied services to our clients, we can categorize all under the under-listed headings.


At the Jobi, very integral to our core ideals and services is our premium value on management. We, thus, provide management services and trainings for our clients.


At the Jobi, we also provide publishing services to our clients. We publish ebooks, books, magazines, articles, and more at very affordable rates.


At the core of our existence is entertainment. When you enter the Jobi, you'd find lots of ways to entertain yourself. We've got Music, Movies, and more, to keep your soul together and warm.

Our Team

These are some of the key players at JobiJobi Entertainment who daily engage their creative energies to bring you quality entertainment.

Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhinson

Production Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson


Partner Brands

We treasure our partners. They give us opportunities to prove ourselves, and collaborate. Some of our excellent partners are:

Contact Us

YOu can kindly contact us using the following information:

A108 Adam Street
Glasgow, Scotland 535022

+44 589 55488 55

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